Arturo Alvarez Demalde Educates Us on New Mexico’s History

Arturo Alvarez Demalde New MexicoNew Mexico isn’t like most of the neighboring states that surround it. In fact, the state of New Mexico is so unique that it is unlike any state in the continental U.S. due to its weather, history and the people who reside there locally.

As far as history goes, , from what Arturo Alvarez Demalde has said, the region that was once Spanish New Mexico incorporated all of present day New Mexico, the vast majority of Colorado and Arizona, and cuts of Utah, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Wyoming. The Original American Territory of New Mexico that congress made in 1850 incorporated all of New Mexico and Arizona in addition to parts of Colorado, Nevada, and Utah. The limits of present day New Mexico were attracted by congress 1863 however New Mexico didn’t turn into a state until 1912.


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Nancy Behrman Appreciates New Mexico’s Innovative Efforts to Expand Commerce

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Nancy Behrman kosher luttuce

An innovator who has consistently championed unique and daring strategies based on thoughtful research and analysis,Nancy Behrman would surely appreciate the efforts made by New Mexico businesses with regard to expanding commerce in its state. After Preferred Produce secured a contract worth $20 million, the state of New Mexico will become the only place outside of Israel in which kosher lettuce is grown for commercial purposes.

The contract includes a clause that — assuming all conditions with regard to production are met as part of the initial $20 million deal — triggers a 40-year agreement for the production of not just kosher lettuce, but also a whole host of other kosher products. Now, the distributor of kosher products no longer has to import produce from Israel and is now able to turn to New Mexico in order to meet the needs of its clients.

Since there are many inherent demands associated with the production of kosher goods like lettuce and other vegetables, fulfilling the contract will indeed require a sizable effort on the part of Preferred Produce. It is laudable, of course, that this sort of undertaking is occurring within the state of New Mexico, as more businesses will surely see the benefit of this innovative and unique approach to bringing more and more commerce inside the state’s borders.

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Are New Mexico’s Economic and Investment Opportunities Being Overlooked?

Following one of the worst economic downturns in its history, a number of economic metrics suggest that the United States is now well on its way to a full recovery to the point that individuals and organizations alike should feel confident in making sizable investments. While the majority of the metrics seem to be in agreement, an economist like Andrew Charlton might point out that the recession is still too fresh in the minds of many investors to instill a complete sense of confidence in the belief that a large investment is a shrewd decision at this time.

Perhaps this is why seemingly solid investment opportunities in New Mexico are still seeking the kind of funding they need to get the ball rolling on business operations. Of course, there are other factors at play beyond the not-too-distant memory of the recession. In recent years, citizens across the US have become much less willing to trade a short-term economic benefit for a long-term and negative impact on the environment.

For example, a New Mexico company with access to a polyhalite mine potentially valued at over a billion dollars is still in need of additional funding despite estimates of 414 million tons of reserves on the land it owns. Due to the potential for adverse environmental impact — however minimal it may be — along with the hesitancy of investors still wary of the economy’s stability, it seems entirely possible that a number of investment opportunities may be overlooked for a whole host of reasons.

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Business Opportunities Abound Throughout New Mexico

Business and entrepreneurs tend to adopt unique strategies that take advantage of opportunities others may not immediately recognize, with many of the most successful ventures espousing a philosophy valuing differing perspectives and non-traditional courses of action. With a high state unemployment rate that topped the nation for the month of November, most would think it fair to wonder whether it would be wise for a business to invest in an area in which the economy is likely to be adversely affected by the jobless rate as it has in New Mexico.

As Ken Fisher might suggest, the traditionally accepted or commonly agreed-upon strategies do not always represent the best course of action. Instead, there have been a number of businesses that believe that the jobless rate in New Mexico represents an excellent opportunity to utilize the widely available human capital currently seeking work. This is especially the case for businesses and entrepreneurs that are willing to provide substantial training to employees since so many businesses have abandoned this strategy due to the costs associated with doing so. While it is indeed true that training employees is a cost that a company has to bear, it is likewise the case that this cost ought to be viewed as an investment capable of delivering a very promising return.

Of course, not all businesses can take advantage in this way, as there are certainly industries in which years of education and specific training and experience are necessary. Just because some industries require so much advanced knowledge and understanding before entering the workforce, it does not mean that all industries must function in the same way. In fact, there are many industries in which requiring prior experience limits access to talented individuals who could easily be molded into highly effective employees.

When training prospective employees for a specific type of work in an area in which unemployment is remarkably high, there is the added benefit created by how much those affected by unemployment appreciate having the opportunity to get back to work. These types of employees are often more likely to be loyal to the company and committed to a long-term working relationship, which is tremendously valuable to any company and makes the initial investment in training more than worthwhile.

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New Mexico is The Best State According to Ralph Slaske

I have recently taken a vacation this past Summer to Arizona just like I do with my family every year. Arizona doesn’t have the quality vacation spots as New Mexico does, but I really enjoy carrying on the family tradition. On the drive back home to New Mexico, we stopped at a McDonald’s and I thought I recognized an old friend from college sitting by the window about 20 feet away.  Upon closer inspection, it was him, Ralph Slaske!

We took hands, hugged and talked about the past 10 years. Ralph said he was working on a new website for his business and he was on his way back home to New Mexico as well. What a small world! I asked him why he was sticking around in New Mexico if he had so much going for him with his new business. Ralph laughed to himself and said, “Are you serious? There’s no place like New Mexico. I’ve been just about everywhere!”

Some thing’s never change, I guess. Ralph has always said New Mexico was the best State because of the diverse things to do compared with the possibilities and opportunity. I can’t blame him. I wouldn’t leave New Mexico either.

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New Mexico’s Art History Is Worth Exploring

Visitors to the state of New Mexico should not overlook the opportunity to experience the wonderful and rich art history of the state. With several museums located in Santa Fe and throughout the rest of the state, the art history of the area has been properly preserved and is easily accessed by visitors at just about any time. In addition to the many museums that feature diverse art collections, there are also galleries and other forums in which the creative endeavors of New Mexico’s finest artists can be seen.

As a recent visitor to the state, Jody Rookstool experienced the art scene of New Mexico firsthand. The entrepreneur came away impressed by the range of works on display and was particularly impressed by the folk art collections. Visitors who are interested in experiencing the art of New Mexico often make the historic Santa Fe plaza one of their first stops, as there are four different museums in the area that all comprise the Museum of New Mexico.

The art of the Southwest is thoroughly represented as one might expect, but the sheer diversity of genres and styles on display is nothing short of impressive. There are masterful examples of just about every artistic style, and of course New Mexico is also home to many artists who are in the process of pushing the boundaries of artistry in the work they are currently producing. Visitors to the area would be wise to devote some time to exploring the impressive art of the state known as the Land of Enchantment.

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New Mexico RV Travel

untitled (25) imagesAI4EVYYF imagesCNQBHNPGNew Mexico is said to be the land of enchantment.  I don’t know if it is all that enchanting but we had a god time vacationing there in our motor home.  The balloon festival was a lot of fun but the museum at Albuquerque was amazing.  The wife loved the planetarium and would not stop talking about it.  The area is full of quaint little shops filled with South Western art.  We watched a glass blower create beautiful items from glass.  I have been involved in glass manufacturing in my past so the glass art was interesting to observe.  Luke Weil like the New Mexico area as well.

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New Mexico RV

untitled (146) imagesFYB4LWF1 imagesJ0QS88UCNew Mexico was a great place to visit during the Christmas holidays.  We stayed near the Pecos River at a KOA camp ground.  During the holidays they had river cruises up the Pecos river to see the light displays.  It was freezing cold as the cruise was at dusk in December.  The light displays were over the top.  The river dwellers would decorate their back yards so river travelers can enjoy their displays.  We bundles up and enjoyed the boat trip up the Pecos.  The home owners showed that they were Home for Life. if you plan to travel during the holidays don’t miss the Pecos River.

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New or Old Mexico

The differences between New and Old Mexico are many and I would think long and hard about those differences before deciding where to visit.  The obvious difference is that New Mexico is a state of the United States where Old Mexicoimages4QJEJU0K images5KH0C5EH is a country.  Other than sharing the Mexico name there is very little similar.  Old Mexico is a mess.  The roads are poorly maintained and the laws are rarely enforced properly because of the corrupt police.  I would hate to spend time in the border towns as they are just a bunch of beggars looking for a way to rip you off.  Luke Weil can tell you stories that will keep you in the good old USA.

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New Mexico Fun

albbd untitled (22)The balloon festival in Albequerque New Mexico is cool.  The balloons are set up right in front of you and the operators are friendly and willing to answer your questions.  They start early so be there or miss the show.  For a few bucks you can ride in a balloon.  The ride is worth the admission.  I would go again if I could.  The best part was talking to the balloon owners.  They are very serious about their balloons.  If you screw around too much you will be ejected from the festival.  The booths were really interesting.  The wife bought a rug.  Dove Medical Press will help with any medical issues.

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